Why Is Mayweather Facing 99 Years?

What happened with iyanna Mayweather?

According to cops, Iyanna stabbed Jacobs multiple times in the bicep …

she was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna, has been arrested for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, TMZ has learned, and it appears to have been a confrontation over NBA Youngboy..

Who Yaya Mayweather stabbed?

Lapattra Lashai JacobsProfessional boxer Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Yaya is currently facing life in prison. She stabbed her boyfriend NBA Youngboy’s baby mama Lapattra Lashai Jacobs multiple times after finding her at the rapper’s home. Now, Jacobs is showing off her injuries on Instagram Live.

Is money Yaya in jail?

Yaya Mayweather speaks out for the first time since she was arrested for aggravated assault, for allegedly stabbing one of NBA Youngboy’s baby mothers. The altercation took place on April 4th, and since Yaya has been released from jail.

Did NBA Youngboy delete his Instagram?

NBA Youngboy Explains His Deleted IG Amid Kodak Black + Iyanna Mayweather Drama. … NBA Youngboy got into a heated online exchange with Kodak Black (from jail) after news broke of the arrest. A few days after, NBA Youngboy deleted everything from his Instagram account.

Why is Yaya Mayweather in jail?

On April 4, Yaya Mayweather was arrested in Houston and charged with suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and detained in Harris County Jail in Texas. … According to Texas law, the aggravated assault charge is a first-degree felony that carries a penalty of 5 to 99 years, and a fine up to $10,000.

Who is Yaya Mayweather parents?

Iyanna may have a wealthy father, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t learned how to do things for herself. Her mother, Melissia Brim, is a successful entrepreneur who owns her own boutique in Las Vegas. Her mother has taught her how to be an independent women who is able to do things for herself.

Who is Yaya Mayweather father?

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr.Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather is the 19-year-old daughter of famed professional boxer-turned-boxing-promoter, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. and entrepreneur and fashion guru, Melissia Brim. She was born on May 20, 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both of her parents still live in Las Vegas, but Yaya currently resides in Texas.

Who is iyanna boyfriend?

Boxer Floyd Mayweather will soon be a grandfather, as he’s confirmed that his 20-year-old daughter Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather is expecting with boyfriend, rapper NBA Young Boy.

Is Yaya Mayweather still dating NBA Youngboy?

Yaya And NBA Youngboy’s Relationship Is Rocky The pair began dating in 2019 but have gone through a ton of ups and downs. The rapper has at least four kids that the media knows of. He clearly has baby mama drama with the childrens mothers.

Is NBA Youngboy single?

NBA YoungBoy says he’s not in a relationship. … Not long after it was revealed that the 20-year-old has a baby on the way, he shared a video of him and Yaya to social media, which many saw as a reconfirmation of their relationship.

How long did Yaya get Mayweather?

Yaya Mayweather Faces Up to 99 Years in Prison for Aggravated Assault | Complex.