Which Is The Hottest District In Kerala?

Why is Palakkad so hot?

The reason for the searing heat in Punalur and Palakkad is due to hot winds flowing in from Tamil Nadu, officials at the India Meteorological Department told OnManorama.

It is the wind that finds its way through Aryankavu that sends the mercury levels soaring in Punalur..

Is Pakistan hotter than India?

Temperature > Highest temperature ever recorded > Location: Town/Location….Definitions.STATIndiaPakistanHighest temperature ever recorded50.6 \u00b0C (123 \u00b0F)53.5 \u00b0C (128.3 \u00b0F)3 more rows

Which is the coldest district in Kerala?

Wayanad districtAverage rainfall ranges from 600 to 650 cm or above. It experiences chilly climate throughout the year with mist and fog. It is said to be the coldest place in Wayanad district as well as one of the coldest in Kerala.

Which state is hottest in India?

RajasthanSri Ganganagar: The Hottest Place in India This city is located in the largest state of India, Rajasthan, at an elevation of 178 meters has the highest temperature in India. The highest temperature recorded here till date is 50 degrees Celsius. The city exhibits extreme temperatures in both summers and winters.

Which is the coolest place in Kerala?

Munnar. Situated at the confluence of three rivers, Munnar is one of the famous hill stations in Kerala. … Thekkady. Explore the wild side of Kerala at Thekkady. … Vagamon. A summer destination, Vagamon is situated 1200m above sea level. … Ponmudi. … Lakkidi. … Vythiri. … Idukki. … Peermade.More items…•

Which is the coldest place in Kerala?

MunnarMunnar is the coolest place in Kerala.

Which is the hottest district?

Rajasthan’s Churu, about 20km north of state capital of Jaipur, recorded the country’s highest temperature of 50 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. Churu, known as the gateway to the Thar desert, was matched by Jacobabad in Pakistan as the hottest place on Earth on Tuesday.

Which is the hottest state in the world?

FloridaFlorida ranks overall as the warmest state year round. The other state in the top four is Hawaii. The group of tropical islands ranks second to Florida as the country’s hottest state. Hawaii rises to the top of the list in winter, with average monthly temperatures well above those of any other state.

What is the maximum temperature in Kerala?

41.9 degrees CelsiusThiruvananthapuram: With mercury soaring, Kerala recorded its highest temperature of 41.9 degrees Celsius in 29 years at Malampuzha in Palakkad district on Tuesday. Indian Meteorological Department sources here said on April 15, 1987, the state had recorded 41.8 degrees Celsius.