Quick Answer: What Does AE Mean In Medical Terms?

What is the AE symbol?

Æ (minuscule: æ) is a character formed from the letters a and e, originally a ligature representing the Latin diphthong ae.

It has been promoted to the full status of a letter in some languages, including Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Faroese.

It was also used in Old Swedish before being changed to ä..

What does AE stand for in photography?

What is AE photography? After manually deciding either the aperture value or the shutter speed, the camera then automatically calculates the appropriate exposure. Program AE is when the camera calculates both the aperture value and the shutter speed. The shutter speed is set according to the type of image desired.

What does AE stand for in education?

AE in EducationAEAge Equivalent Special Education, Disability, MedicalAEAdult Education Technology, Military, GovernmentAEAdverse Event Medical, Research, OncologyAEAcademic Enrichment Student, School, ScienceAEAerospace Engineering Engineering, College, Aerospace15 more rows

What is AE medical term?

The commonly used UK term for the hospital department which provides a service primarily for the reception, triage, examination and treatment of patients who have been involved in an accident, have sustained an injury, or who have an acute surgical or medical emergency which may require hospital facilities.

What does the abbreviation AE stand for?

According to the USPS Web site, AA, AE, and AP are Military “State” abbreviations: Armed Forces Africa = AE. Armed Forces Americas (except Canada) = AA. Armed Forces Canada = AE. Armed Forces Europe = AE.

What does AE mean in texting?

AE — Almost Enjoyable. AE — Anything Else? AE — Arch Enemy. AE — American Eagle. AE — Arcane Explosion.

What does AE stand for in sales?

Account ExecutiveAE — Account Executive. Sales team members that close deals with sales-qualified opportunities.

What does AE stand for in business?

AE Stands For : Adams Resources & Energy | Actual Expense | Aabhushan Exports | Action Express | Allied Eastern | Asian Express | Associated Electrics | Account Executive | After Establishment | Assured Excellence | Account Engineer | Actuator Error.

What is full form of AE?

AE stands for Assistant Engineer.

What does AE stand for in finance?

Aggregate ExpendituresAccount Entity. AE. Aggregate Expenditures (economics)

What does AE mean in money?

Currency DisplayRepresantationReal ValuePronounced As1 ad1 x 1024One Septillion1 ae1 x 1027One Octillion1 af1 x 1030One Nonillion1 ag1 x 1033One Decillion45 more rows