Quick Answer: Is Cerner A Good EHR?

Where are Cerner offices located?


Cerner’s world headquarters campus is at 2800 Rockcreek Parkway, North Kansas City, Missouri..

Why is epic the best EHR?

We chose Epic for these main reasons: The best combination of usability and features. Epic has the most complete, easy to- use functionality, not just for individual physician practices, but for implementing an EHR that can be effectively shared by an entire health care community. The best fully integrated system.

What EHR does Banner Health use?

Banner Health implemented Cerner’s EHR on Oct. 1, 2017, replacing software made by Epic Systems.

What database does Cerner use?

Oracle RDBMSCerner Millennium database (powered by Oracle RDBMS or more often Oracle RAC) is the core element of Cerner Millennium 3-Tier Architecture (Database – Middleware – Client).

What are the top 5 EHR systems?

Top EHR Software Vendors of 2020 ComparisonEPIC. Epic focuses on large medical groups and inpatient settings. … CERNER. Cerner is currently the leading supplier of Health IT solutions and are the largest provider of systems for inpatient care. … CARECLOUD. … ATHENAHEALTH. … GE Centricity. … eClinicalWorks. … NextGen. … Allscripts.

Is Cerner user friendly?

I like the cerner because it is user friendly, can input and save data as default so it makes the work easier especially if you have default on the routine.

How much does Cerner cost?

Cerner Ambulatory EHR pricing starts at $25.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version. Cerner Ambulatory EHR does not offer a free trial.

Who owns Cerner Corp?

Neal PattersonCerner is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. Chairman and CEO Neal Patterson founded the company in 1979, the same year Judy Faulkner founded Cerner’s main rival, Epic.

Is Cerner or Epic better?

Major differences between Cerner and Epic. … Both vendors offer cloud-based software solutions for acute and ambulatory care, though Cerner is the far more popular choice for ambulatory care and clinicals. When it comes to larger healthcare organizations, most healthcare providers go with Epic.

Who uses Cerner?

We have data on 10,134 companies that use Cerner….Who uses Cerner?CompanyU.S. Security Associates, Inc.Websiteussecurityassociates.comCountryUnited StatesRevenue>1000MCompany Size>100004 more columns

Who is the CEO of Cerner?

Brent ShaferAs chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Cerner, Brent Shafer focuses on growing and expanding Cerner’s market-oriented business units, consumer brand, key strategic relationships and priority corporate initiatives.

What is the name of Cerner’s EHR?

The Cerner EHR platform, Millennium®, supports an enterprise-wide view of patient care and the point at which care was delivered in both acute inpatient and outpatient settings.

What are the Cerner modules?

Cerner Clinical ModulesCerner PowerChart.Cerner PowerOrders.Cerner CPOE.Cerner PathNet.Cerner CoPath / LIS.Cerner SurgiNet.Cerner RadNet.Cerner FirstNet.More items…

Who are Cerner competitors?

Cerner’s top competitors include Optum, MEDHOST, Intersystems, Health Catalyst, Evolent Health, Capsule Technologies, MEDITECH, EMIS Group, Allscripts, athenahealth and Medidata.