Question: Which Sector Is Best For Job?

Which sector is best for job in India?

1 Medical Professionals.

Doctors in India earn well.

2 Merchant Navy jobs.

Merchant Shipping sector has always been known to provide good pay packages to its workers.

3 Engineers.

It is a heavily saturated field.

4 Lecturer.

5 Chartered Accountant.

6 Management Professionals.

7 Architects.

8 Scientists.More items….

Which sector has more job opportunities?

agricultural sectorIn India, agricultural sector provides more job opportunities than any other sector. It employs 50% of the workforce of the country. It also accounts for 18% of the total GDP of India.

What is the best job in IT sector?

Here’s a look at just some of the highest-paying IT jobs, according to Robert Half Technology’s 2020 Salary Guide:Big data engineer. … Mobile applications developer. … Information systems security manager. … Applications architect. … Data architect. … Database manager. … Data security analyst. … Software engineer.More items…•

What does job sector mean?

Job sectors are areas of the economy which include various occupations, and the occupations within each sector are typically related to each other in some way.