Question: What Do ERA Stand For?

What does the acronym ERA stand for?

Equal Rights ActERA.

Equal Rights Act.

History, Amendment, Law.

History, America, Amendment.

Community, Sociology, Armed Forces..

What does ERA stand for in finance?

Electronic remittance adviceElectronic remittance advice (ERA) provides claims payment explanations in HIPAA-compliant files. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) puts payment right into your account. Explanations of Benefits (EOBs) are on our secure provider website.

What does the acronym ERA stand for and why is it important?

“Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” This simple sentence comprised Section 1 of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which was first proposed in Congress by the National Women’s Party in 1923.

What does ERA stand for in aviation?

Equipment Restraint AreaEquipment Restraint Area (ERA) This is a closed area on which the aircraft is parked during ground handling. The dimensions of the ERA are determined by the largest type of aircraft using the parking position. The ERA is defined by the Apron Safety Line, drawn in red, on the ground.

How long is a era?

An era in geology is a time of several hundred million years. It describes a long series of rock strata which geologists decide should be given a name. An example is the Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs lived on the Earth. An era is made up of periods, and several eras make up an eon.

What is an example of era?

A period of time as reckoned from a specific date serving as the basis of its chronological system. … The definition of an era is a period of time in history that is unified by cultural or historical factors. An example of an era is the industrial era.