Question: Does Discord Sell Logs?

Do deleted messages stay on discord?

For better or for worse (depending on your needs) a deleted Discord message is actually deleted.

No records are kept on Discord’s own servers when you delete a message.

For more information, read through Discord’s privacy policy..

Can you permanently delete discord chat history?

When Discord was released, it changed the concept of instant messaging and group chats forever. … Discord also offers no way for users to mass delete their DM history on Discord.

Can someone track you on discord?

Unfortunately, YES. They could do this by getting you to click on a malicious link in the chat. If they control the website you are clicking on, they will be able to see your IP.

Is discord safe for 11 year olds?

Discord requires that users be at least 13 years old, although they do not verify users’ age upon sign-up. … Because it’s all user-generated, there’s plenty of inappropriate content, like swearing and graphic language and images (though it’s entirely possible to belong to a group that forbids these).

Is discord safe from hackers?

The application itself is safe from hackers but as a user, you are not. If you’re afraid of being hacked, don’t open anything that might lead you outside of Discord. Don’t open links that you don’t know, don’t add strange bots, and don’t give out any personal information. … How did you grow your Discord server?

Is discord always listening?

We’re constantly listening to your feedback and working to improve how Discord feels and functions. Our goal is to improve Discord with new features that don’t make it bulky and take away from the core chat experience.

Is it illegal to record someone on discord?

Lots of things are illegal but many people do it anyway. The point is don’t get caught 🙂 There is a thing called “one-party consent law” where u only need one person to consent to record.

Does discord collect data?

The main way Discord is collecting information is through /api/track and /api/science. … Discord’s response is that they collect data in case the User will allow usage down the line. Well, they already have your data, and it’s sitting on their servers.

Where do deleted discord messages go?

The answer is unfortunately No. According to Discord, messages that have been deleted are gone forever. They cannot be retrieved both for text chats and direct messages.

What happens when a discord account is deleted?

When you delete your account, Discord anonymizes messages from you by renaming them with “Deleted User.” The messages you’ve sent remain, preserving the flow of both group conversations and direct private messages.

Does discord keep logs?

Discord also records every single interaction you have with other users through its service. This means that Discord is confirmed to log every conversation that you have through Discord, and record everything that you say on Discord, and view all images that you send through Discord.

How do you view logs in discord?

In order to view the Audit Log, go to “Server Settings” and then click “Audit Log.”