How Long Does The Background Investigation Take For CBP?

How much money does a CBP officer make a year?

start as a CBPO in June 2020 as a GS-5 and make $34,916 – $79,916 per year.

be promoted in June 2021 to GS-7 and make $43,251 – $88,251 per year.

be promoted in June 2022 to GS-9 and make $52,905 – $97,905 per year..

Do you get paid during CBP Academy?

While at the Border Patrol Academy for basic training, you will earn your regular salary. You will also get free lodging and meals at the Academy, plus a small daily allowance for incidental expenses.

Do CBP officers choose where they are stationed?

CBP hires CBP Officers to locations based on mission need though officers may have the opportunity to change duty locations after a period of time. Locations that CBP is currently hiring for are located on job announcements posted to USAJobs.

How long does CBP adjudication take?

The average timeline for adjudication is 37 days for an initial investigation and 113 days for a periodic reinvestigation.

What disqualifies you from Customs and Border Protection officer?

Common Disqualifiers You may be rated unsuitable for the Border Patrol Agent position if your background includes: Use of illegal drugs, and/or the sale and distribution of illegal drugs. View our FAQ on prior illegal drug use. Convictions (including misdemeanor domestic violence charges)

What is the age limit for CBP officer?

under 40 yearsTo apply for a position as a Customs and Border Patrol Officer, you must be a U.S. citizen and must be under 40 years of age at time of appointment. The age limit does not apply to those claiming veteran’s preference in the hiring process.

Do CBP officers have police powers?

CBP officers have full law enforcement powers on and off duty.

How many hours a week do CBP officers work?

40 hoursCustoms Officers work 40 hours a week. However, overtime is a condition of employment, so you are expected to work overtime.

Does CBP pay relocation?

Q: Will CBP pay off my home if I take a paid move? A: The Border Patrol DOES NOT pay off your home, ARC (relocation company) is the one that offers you a fair market price for your home, the relocation company does NOT guarantee that they offer they offer will pay off your home in full.

How long does the CBP hiring process take?

300 daysCBP’s current average time to hire for Officers and Agents is 300 days. The Fast Track Hiring Process is aimed at reducing the time to hire to 120 days or less. In the past, CBP has struggled meeting its CBPO and BPA hiring goals.

Is it worth working for CBP?

There is alot of overtime at most ports and CBP is forever understaffed. Great Opportunities to do many different career paths. I enjoyed working with this agency. … It is hard work, but it is worth the time and effort a person puts into their job, which is very rewarding.

How many CBP officers have died?

Killed in the line of duty Since 1904, the Border Patrol has lost 123 officers in the line of duty, more than any other federal law enforcement agency during that time period.

Will CBP get rid of polygraph?

To ease the burden of its onerous recruitment process, CBP eliminated several requirements for new recruits around the same time Trump took office. In 2017, the agency was granted authority to waive the polygraph test for certain veterans and to conduct expedited hires for certain roles.

Can CBP officers have tattoos?

Tattoos and/or brandings on the head, face, neck or hands are not permitted. All visible tattoos and/or brandings will be covered while performing the following volunteer duties: Recruiting, Public Affairs Officer, Oral Hiring Boards, International Liaison Duties, Community Affairs or judicial proceedings.