How Do You Spell Encase?

Is aswell a word?

No matter how you use it, the expression “as well” is always two words, despite the fact that many people seem to think it should be spelled “aswell.” Examples: “I don’t like plastic trees as well as real ones for Christmas.” “Now that we’ve opened our stockings, let’s open our other presents as well.”.

What does in some cases mean?

1. order by. 2. One of the definitions of “case” is a “set of circumstances” or an “instance”. So “in some cases it is correct” is saying that this is sometimes correct, but implying that it is not always correct.

What can I use instead of Which?

The relative pronoun ‘that’ is sometimes used instead of ‘which’ and ‘who’.

What is the opposite of encased?

Opposite of covered or protected. uncovered. unwrapped.

How do you spell incase?

Incase is a misspelling of the verb encase. As a result, you should always use encase as a verb. The phrase in case, when used to mean if something happens, should remain two words.

What is another word for incase?

What is another word for in case?shouldifsupposing it is the case thatin case thatas long ascontingent onif and only ifwith the understanding thatimaginelet’s say25 more rows

Does incase have a space?

Although it was more common in years past, it has fallen out of favor precipitously in the 19th and 20th centuries. While this chart measures only books, it is a helpful guide for long-term trends. There is also a company that bears the name Incase. This, of course, is a proper noun and should always be spelled Incase.

How do you use encased in a sentence?

1 The witness box was encased in fences. 2 When nuclear fuel is manufactured it is encased in metal cans. 3 His broken leg was encased in plaster. 4 His upper body was completely encased in bandages.

What’s the meaning of Incase?

Incase is another word for encase, which is defined as to cover something or someone completely.

What can I use instead of in order to?

What is another word for in order to?toso as toas a means tofor the purpose ofthat one maythat it would be possible towith the aim ofin order to achieveso as to achievefor10 more rows

What is the meaning of would?

Would is used to indicate what could potentially happen in the future or when giving advice or when making a request. An example of would is when you might get a good grade if you study. An example of would is when you ask someone to pass the carrots.

What does just in case mean?

phrase. You can say that you are doing something just in case to refer vaguely to the possibility that a thing might happen or be true, without saying exactly what it is.

Is just in case an idiom?

Idiom: just in case.

Which is correct incase or encase?

Incase is an incorrect spelling of encase. Encase is a verb, which means to enclose something within another matter. When you mean something like this, always use encase over incase.

Is in case one word or two words?

Just in case you haven’t figured this out already: the expression “in case” is two words, not one. There is a brand of equipment covers sold under the incase brand, but that’s a very different matter, to be used only when you need something in which to encase your iPad.

Is it correct to say in case?

The answer is no; “should in case” is not at all grammatically correct. Had I wanted to follow the rules, I would have used only “should” or only “in case”—one or the other, but not both.