Are Income Tax Officers Gazetted Officers?

What is the hierarchy in income tax department?

Promotion Hierarchy Of Income TaxPosition / Pay Grade in the Government of IndiaLevel and Rank1N.ATax Assistant / Entry-level2N.ASenior Tax Assistant3N.AInspector of Income Tax/ Agent of Income Tax CID/ Entry Level4N.AIncome Tax Officer/Special Agent of Income Tax CID /Additional Assistant Director8 more rows.

Is Naib Tehsildar gazetted officer?

Tehsildar are Class 1 gazetted officers in most states of India. … In Uttar Pradesh, tehsildar are promoted from Naib Tehsildar. Later on, they get promoted to the post of sub-divisional magistrate.

Who is more powerful IAS or IRS?

There is more work-life balance in the IRS than the IAS….IAS versus IRS (Indian Revenue Service)IAS RankIRS RankPay Scale–Chief Commissioner of Income TaxHAG + scale of 75,500–80,000Secretary to Government of India/Chief Secretary of StatePrincipal Chief Commissioner of Income (highest)Rs. 80,000 (fixed)Cabinet Secretary (highest)–2,50,0007 more rows

Are IRS officers corrupt?

Despite being specialists, they are relegated to the margins The officers are not corrupt, nor did they abuse any Minister or any functionary of the government.

Can a gazetted officer attest documents of his relatives?

Only a Group A official can attest the documents related to Citizenship Certification. Only a Police Official and Group A official can attest Character Certificate. The name, designation and contact number of the gazetted officer should be clearly mentioned.

Do IRS officers have uniform?

Uniform: No uniform for IRS-IT. But for IRS-C&CE ,the khaki for central excise with stars on the shoulders and I.R.S.

Is nabard grade a gazetted officer?

No, RBI Grade B is not a gazetted officer post because the Reserve Bank Of India is a separate entity from government Of India. Working in RBI doesn’t mean directly working for the government, though RBI is a wholly own subsidiary of the Government Of India.

Can a gazetted officer attested documents after retirement?

No, a Gazetted Officer ceases to be one after his/her retirement, primarily because the their appointment or service conditions are no longer reflected in the Gazette of India, there will be no nessessity of the same and they no longer act as Officers under the seal of President/ Governor.

What is group A service?

Central Services (Group A) The Central Civil Services (Group A) are concerned with the administration of the Union Government. All appointments to Central Civil Services (Group A) are made by the President of India.

Who comes under gazetted officer?

Examples – Magistrate & above in Judicial Service, Officers of the All India Services i.e. IAS, IPS, IPoS, IOFS, IFoS, Officers of 61 Central Group A Civil Services including IFS, IA&AS, IRS, CAPF’s Officers, All India Railway Officers (IRSE, IRSME, IRSEE, IRSSE, IRAS, IRPS, IRTS, IRHS, RPF), Assistant Secretaries/ …

Is Doctor a Group A gazetted officer?

CONCLUSION. Doctors who are employed with the Government of India (whether State or Central) are regarded as gazetted officers whose signature and the stamp are valid for attestation and verification of the documents. Employees with the government are gazetted officers fit to attest documents.

Is nurse a gazetted officer?

Re: How to become a gazetted officer after completion of B.Sc Nursing course? Government Hospital doctors are also considered as Gazetted Officers. After Bachelor of Nursing course if your age is below 25 years then you can apply for NEET exam for admission in MBBS course.

Is joint BDO a gazetted officer?

It is also pointed out that the Joint B.D.O. was not only a Gazetted Officer but also an ordinary member of the public and he can arrest and produce a person, committing a cognizable non-bailable offence, before the police station under Section 43 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Is Army officer a gazetted officer?

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO) in the Indian military are gazetted officers, the Defence Ministry has clarified in an order issued on August 1.

Is SBI bank manager a gazetted officer?

Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial level ranked public servants in India. … Banks are generally not a Central or state government functionary unit and hence do not have any gazetted officers. So, Government bank branch managers are not gazetted officers.

Is government college lecturer a gazetted officer?

A lecturer in a government college is a gazetted officer. Teachers working in a government school are not gazetted, officers. Though their appointment is made by the government, they are not above the grade pay required to be covered under Class II.

Do IRS officers get cars?

Most IRS officers are provided house and official vehicle Most IRS officers are generally provided a house or a quarter along with a car for official purposes. … If a house isn’t provided, officers can get a decent House Rent Allowance (HRA).